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Shopify’s headless stack that’s engineered for performance and productivity.

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Build faster with flexible UI components optimized for commerce

Go from CLI to URL in minutes

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Hydrogen is built on Remix, the framework from the creators of React Router

Instant Feedback

Optimistic UI enables user actions to feel instantaneous, while the real server requests happen behind the scenes.

Smooth Transitions

Nested routes allow you to only fetch and re-render the stuff that changes, making navigating between pages or filtering collections feel fast and smooth.

Rock-solid Stability

Views render on the server, so you ship less client-side JavaScript to the browser. Meaning faster page loads, with zero time-to-interactive. Worrying about shaky mobile networks is a thing of the past.

Accelerate development with built-in Shopify features critical to conversion

Composable by design. If it has an API, it works with Hydrogen.

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Instantly deploy to Oxygen, our built-in global hosting solution

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Monitor and debug with log access and drains
Optimize performance with custom cache rules

300+ points of presence around the globe,hitting 95% of the internet in under 50ms

And it's <Free />;Oxygen is available on all Shopify plans, except Starter, at no extra cost.

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