Fast-track your storefront build with Hydrogen, our React-based headless commerce stack, now built on Remix. Deploy for free on Oxygen, our global hosting solution, now available to more Shopify plans.

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Built on Remix

Hydrogen now features even better performance with advancements like optimistic UI, nested routes, and progressive enhancement. Leverage some of the new tools to unlock new levels of productivity.

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Accelerated commerce development

Pre-built components, hooks, and utilities that make working with the Storefront API easy
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Opinionated yet flexible

Hydrogen ships with defaults like Tailwind CSS and support for TypeScript, but can be mixed and matched with your tools of choice.
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Optimized for performance

Optimistic UI, nested routes, streaming SSR, and more advancements deliver highly performant buyer experiences

Built-in hosting
on Oxygen

  • Fastest way to deploy Hydrogen storefronts
  • Globally distributed hosting for performant storefronts worldwide
  • Worry-free uptime, security, and maintenance

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Extend your build

Integrate with apps and platforms to enhance what your Hydrogen storefront can do.

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Four of Allbirds' engineers gather around their laptops, talking and reviewing their work.
Case Study

Allbirds evolves its stack with Shopify’s Hydrogen and Oxygen

After years of partnership pushing the limits of commerce online, in person, and worldwide, Allbirds keeps innovating with Shopify's modern stack for building headless storefronts.

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An Kamp Grizzly engineer sits in front a lap top, reviewing the home page collage on Denim Tears' new website.
Case Study

Kamp Grizzly achieves Denim Tears’ vision for storytelling-infused commerce

Immersive storytelling, easy-to-use content management, and fast commerce come together in Kamp Grizzly’s reimagined website experience for Denim Tears.

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