Framework for dynamic commerce

Hydrogen's React-based framework for building custom storefronts on Shopify gives you everything you need to start fast, build fast, and deliver the best personalized shopping experiences.

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A modern way to build

Tomorrow's shopping experiences should be fast, global, and personalized.

Hydrogen makes that possible by integrating React Server Components, streaming server-side rendering with suspense, and smart caching defaults. Paired with the globally distributed Storefront API, Shopify-optimized commerce components, and a Vite-powered developer environment, it’s the fast framework for developers and customers.


Why Hydrogen

Dynamic with smart caching

Together React Server Components, streaming server-side rendering, and smart caching policies unlock fast first-renders and progressive hydration.

Out-of-the-box commerce components

Hydrogen's commerce components, hooks, and utilities are ready to use with built-in industry best practices, Shopify integration, and styling by Tailwind CSS.

Performance first

Created for commerce, Hydrogen's flexible, built-in cache defaults support non-blocking data-fetching, ensuring a fast shopping experience.

Help us build Hydrogen

We want to build Hydrogen with you and need your feedback to make it better. Test it out, join the community building with it, and let us know what you think.

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in action

We’re building the all-new Shopify Supply on Hydrogen and want you to join us.

Check out our implementation on GitHub and follow along as we build out the site that sells fan favorites like the infamous cha-ching button.

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Join the conversation

Share what you're building, ask questions, and get involved in the Hydrogen developer community.

Hydrogen is an absolute game-changer for merchants seeking to achieve more control, server-side execution, and the highest front-end performance marks possible.

Host directly
on Shopify

Stay tuned for the upcoming Shopify-powered, global hosting solution for Hydrogen storefronts. Oxygen is the fastest way to deploy Shopify-backed commerce experiences.

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