Get a look into Hydrogen’s future. Learn what updates we’re thinking about, what stage those updates are in, and when we're planning to ship changes.


Hydrogen and Oxygen general availability

Hydrogen is now at v1.0.0 and Oxygen deployments are included in Plus plans: coming soon to Standard and Advanced plans.


Performance enhancements

We're working to make sure your code gets the most out of the platform with tools to audit your GraphQL queries and prevent over-fetching, linters to improve your code automatically, and in-browser developer tools that provide insight into your build's performance. We’re also continuing to make complex concepts like caching simple and help your build stay performant while working with media, third-party scripts, and other areas that can negatively impact performance.


Developer experience enhancements

We believe that building custom storefronts should be fun, so we’re continuing to invest in the developer experience to make it as productive and expressive as possible. From setting up common integrations to scaffolding out boilerplate and building common UI patterns, we want to minimize the work you don't like doing, help when you’re stuck, and offer helpful tools to speed up your workflow.


Incremental adoption from Online Store

We want to reduce the all-or-nothing approach to going headless. We’ve built and are continuing to improve prototypes that allow a gradual move from Online Store and Liquid to Hydrogen builds. In our coming cycles, we’ll solidify and polish strategies to allow Hydrogen and Liquid to have a more fluid relationship, so you can get the results of your build even faster.


More integration with storefront apps

We want Hydrogen to easily work with apps from the Shopify App Store that merchants are already adopting. With v1, we announced support for some of the most popular apps, but we're making it easier to add apps to Hydrogen. We're prototyping a richer plugin architecture with new entry points across multiple surface areas, creating new ways to build hyper-performant widgets, and documenting more clearly on the Shopify App Store which apps are supported.


Deeper integration with Shopify Admin

The Hydrogen channel currently allows access to Oxygen deployments, but the vision for the channel's future is much bigger. We want to make integrating with the different parts of the Shopify Admin easier. We’ve launched features like Shopify Analytics, Customer Accounts, and Shop Pay, but in the upcoming months, we’ll continue to build deeper integrations and improve our APIs.

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