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May 2024 release: Redeploys, B2B Support

May 8, 2024

Welcome to Hydrogen's May 2024 release.

Easier Oxygen redeploys

You can now trigger redeployments through the Shopify admin. This is especially useful when you update environment variables — now you won’t have to manually create a new deployment from the CLI or push a needless commit. Redeployments also clear the cache for that deployment, so you can ensure all users see your Hydrogen site the way you intend. 

Redeploying through the Shopify admin

B2B Support

Shopify Plus merchants can now build headless business to business stores thanks to B2B support in the Storefront API. With B2B you can set customer-specific catalogs, payment terms, and currencies.

Including the buyer argument on the @inContext directive will contextualize storefront queries for a B2B buyer:

Storefront API query using the new buyer argument

Check out the new B2B example project or quickly spin up your own locally:
npm create @shopify/hydrogen@latest -- --template b2b

Updates, optimizations, and fixes

As always, this month’s release brings you a range of additional optimizations, bug fixes, and quality-of-life tweaks:

  • Improved support for third party requests in the request profiler (#2021)
  • Improved HMR stability (#2019, #2014)
  • Miniflare/Node 21 compatibility fix (#2003)
  • Improved codegen missing dependency warnings (#1975)
  • Content security policy improvements (#2076, #2057)
  • Analytics improvements (#2025)
  • h2 upgrade command detects outdated devDependencies (#2093)
  • Fix codegen schema resolution (#2086)
  • Update cli-kit to fix React version mismatches (#2059)

To take advantage of all the latest features and improvements in Hydrogen, just run npx shopify hydrogen upgrade.

That's it for the May release — see you in June!

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